XCOM: Enemy Unknown Best turn-base and RPG game of 2012 ?


Recently release XCOM: Enemy Unknown the remake of 1994 UFO: Enemies Unknown has been raved with many reviews.  The turn-base tactic role-playing strategy game is about carrying a series of missions  to defend earth from alien invasions.  The game requires you to manage your resources from researching technologies for stronger weapons to recruiting replacements for fallen squad members.  Combat is command through your control on the squads movements and actions.

What makes this game addictive is the depth of content and the level of control you have.  Throughout the game you are to make series of difficult decisions which has consequence to how the game plays. During combat these decisions could mean life and death for your squad members.  If right strategy and decision is made it could be very rewarding gaining advantages through weapons and funding.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is definitely winning some serious awards and a must try game for 2012.  The game is available for PS3 and XBOX…

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